Let the good times Roll!

Praise the Lord college football has risen again! I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have just been giddy in anticipation for the 2013 college football season to start again.

Thursday night started the season off with a bang as no. 6 South Carolina ran over the Tarheels 27-10, but of course the game of the night was the Ole Miss v. Vanderbilt game. Now, I’m sad to say that I missed the epic end of that game. At the end of the third quarter I fell asleep assuming Vandy had the game won, but you know what assuming does, and low and behold Ole Miss comes out with the winning 75 yard touchdown run with 1:07 to play! I mean come on!

After a start like that the season is bound to be a great one.

Saturday of course had some big time games as well as not so big time games. The game of the night was the UGA v. Clemson game, but we’ll get to that later. Teams like Georgia Tech, Oregon and NC State played some not so well known opponents and blew them out. Oregon defeated Nicholls State 66-3. That game and some of the other huge blowouts were just filler, almost preseason games.

However, there were some close and well fought games for opening Saturday. Rice put up a fight in the first half against the Texas A&M Aggies who were without Johnny Manziel the first half. The Aggies went on to win 52-31.

Auburn and Washington State were in a shootout until the end of the fourth quarter. WSU had the lead for the majority of the game, but the Tigers came out on top 31-24.

Talking SEC, three teams received losses to open their seasons. Mississippi State was harshly defeated by the no. 13 Oklahoma State Cowboys 21-3, and poor Kentucky was defeated at LP Field in Nashville by in-state rival Western Kentucky 35-26.

The College Gameday game, no. 5 UGA v. no. 8 Clemson, was a back and fourth game until mid way through the fourth quarter. It was a tight game, but not well fought. UGA made the majority of the mistakes, and several cost them points. These mistakes combined with good rush defense and 5 touchdowns from quarterback Tajh Boyd led to Clemson’s 38-35 defeat over the Dawgs.

Of course what credibility would this post have if I didn’t mention the no. 1 team in the land, the University of Alabama. After week one, Bama will remain in the no. 1 position after they defeated the Virginia Tech Hokies handily 35-10. Quarterback AJ McCarron was 10/23 with 110 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Wide receiver Christion Jones led the way with three touchdowns.

As the opening week of college football concludes with no. 11 FSU v. Pitt on Monday night at 7 p.m. the excitement and drama that we all love will only grow with each passing game.

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Oregon Ducks shine bright

When the most recent BCS Rankings came out this past Sunday, Oregon was found in the fourth spot.  Oregon is sitting at the No. 4 spot in the rankings behind LSU, Oklahoma State and Alabama. Because of Oregon’s placement directly behind Alabama, many are discussing which one loss team should play in the title game supposing that one of the undefeated teams suffered a loss; however, I want to talk fashion. Everyone is interested in Oregon’s fascinating uniforms. Whether people love them or hate them, they have some sort of opinion.

The Oregon Ducks are sponsored by Nike and have someone “on the inside” who designs some of the craziest uniforms college football has ever seen. Oregon Alum Tinker Hatfield, who designed the third edition of the Air Jordans, helps in the designing of Oregon’s variety of uniforms. Not only are Oregon’s uniforms bold and bright, but they are also more aerodynamic. The weight of the uniforms has been specially designed to be diminished by about 28 percent. Oregon rarely, if ever, wears the same uniform twice. It is constantly changing and innovating its uniforms. Oregon began its partnership with Nike in 1996, and has had its fair share of uniforms. While some colleges stick to a routine or nostalgic look, Oregon likes to shake things up and keep its fans guessing what the Mighty Ducks will be wearing next. From its all yellow uniforms to its new silver uniforms, people cannot help but become enthralled with the awesome variety that Oregon offers.  What is your opinion of Oregon’s wild uniforms?


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Joe Pa forced to retire after scandal

The Penn State Scandal may be considered the most controversial topic of the century! The reason behind the controversy involves college football icon Joe Paterno. Paterno has been the head football coach of Penn State since 1966, and he has the most wins of any college football coach in history. Joe Pa has had incredible success and has had a wonderful reign at Penn State, but sadly he may not be remembered for the right reasons. Wednesday Paterno announced to his team that he would be retiring at the end of the season. Paterno’s resignation has come as a result of a child sex-abuse scandal involving a previous defensive coordinator.

Jerry Sandusky is the man who is accused of committing over 40 accounts of sexual abuse. He has not had his hearing yet, but eyewitnesses and victims have spoken out against him. Sandusky was not a coach during the time of some of his known attacks, but he was still a part of Penn State University. When Joe Paterno was told about one attack that was witnessed by a graduate assistant in 2002, he reported it to the university who then had a meeting with the graduate assistant. The assistant told them his eyewitness account of what Sandusky had done to a 10-year-old boy. The university said it would look into it, but nothing further occurred in the case. Now many victims are coming forward, and Sandusky has been arrested.

In the turmoil of the scandal, the Penn State football program has been directly affected. Paterno has been accused of not doing his moral duty to these boys who have been tortured. Many say that Paterno should have contacted police immediately and dismissed Sandusky from any contact with his football program. Paterno went to a higher authority, who should have taken care of the terrible situation, but they did not, and because the university did nothing many believe that it was Joe Pa’s moral obligation to fix the situation. The entire subject is extremely controversial, whether or not Joe Paterno should remain the coach of Penn State, and whether or not he should even be allowed to finish the season is a huge discussion. The boys who say they were tortured by Sandusky will have to live with that abuse for the rest of their lives, and someone needs to pay. The university needs to pay because it sat back and did almost nothing when it was told about a possible predator, but should Joe Pa have to leave his iconic career in such a disgrace? It is a pretty up-in-the-air discussion between professionals, and he may could have done more to help the situation, but he went to a higher power, and he did not know how big the situation was. Hind sight is 20-20. What do you think is the right course of action to take in this situation?


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Tide, Tigers prepare for “Game of the Century”

We are beginning Week 10 of the college football season, the week thousands of fans have been waiting for. This week No. 1 LSU will take on No. 2 Alabama Saturday night in Tuscaloosa. The 8 p.m. EST game becomes the “Game of the Century”. Many other titles are placed on the game, but the titles mean nothing now. All the hype surrounding the game is done. Now the teams call for action. It is time for the world to see which team will prevail.

Alabama has the best defense in the country. This season, the Tide has allowed an average of only 6.9 points a game! It covers the pass well, and can cover the run even better! Alabama is allowing only 1.7 yards per rush. That is unheard of, and LSU is going to struggle making ground against Alabama’s tight defense. Alabama has a very powerful offense as well. Though its main source of scoring and drive lies with its running game, quarterback A.J. McCarron has a 67 percent completion percentage on the season and 70 percent at home. McCarron gets overlooked, but there is no doubt that he can make big time plays for the Tide, and he will have to do that because LSU’s No. 1 threat lies with running back Trent Richardson. Richardson is complete power. He looks like he can run through a brick wall, and his numbers help show his power. Richardson has 989 yards rushing on the season. He is almost unstoppable, and that is exactly why the Tigers will have to stop him. If the Tigers successfully put a halt on Trent Richardson, McCarron and wide receiver Marquis Maze may be called on more than normal.

With Alabama having the best defense in the nation, of course LSU would have the third best. LSU has allowed a mere average of 11.5 points to be scored against its defense. I believe this game will be a low-scoring game between these two amazing defenses. The offense for the Tigers is just as strong, if not a bit stronger than Alabama’s. LSU is running a two-quarterback offense with Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson. Jefferson has been out for the majority of the season due to suspension, and Lee has done incredibly well in his absence. When the two quarterback’s combined power, the offense seemed even greater somehow. Some would argue that LSU’s two-quarterback system is inconsistent, and it may be, but it seems to be working for them up to this point. With two different quarterbacks who play a little differently, Alabama’s defense will certainly be on edge the entire game. Not only are the quarterbacks able to throw and catch effectively, they also have a strong running game. Running backs Spencer Ware and Michael Ford each have close to 500 yards on the season. If LSU can get Alabama enough on their heels and unsure about what to expect, the offense will do very well.

I do not know of two teams who could be more evenly matched. This is going to be an amazing game, and I believe a primarily low-scoring defensive game. It will be very close, but the game is in Tuscaloosa, and that factor along with the best defense in the nation as well as the best running back in the the nation gives Alabama the advantage. Alabama wins 24-17.


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SEC East Weekend

If you have not noticed already, I talk about the SEC more than any other conference in college football, and this week is no different. Saturday is a crucial day in terms of the SEC East standings. South Carolina and Georgia are tied at the top of the East, but South Carolina has the advantage because they beat Georgia during Week 2. In past years, Florida has been at the top of the East, but this year the Gators are struggling, and this Saturday could potentially decide who will come out on top of the SEC East division.

Saturday at 7:15 pm ET, the Tennessee Volunteers (0-4 SEC) and the South Carolina Gamecocks (4-1 SEC) will play each other. South Carolina has been playing well in the SEC, but a couple weeks ago it dismissed its starting quarterback, Stephen Garcia, and lost their star tailback Marcus Lattimore to a season-ending knee injury during the Mississippi State game. Lattimore was one of, if not the main scorer for the Gamecocks offense. The loss of Lattimore could be devastating, but with the Gamecocks coming off a bye-week, they may bounce back well. Tennessee has also had its share of troubles this season. The Vols lost their starting quarterback, Tyler Bray, during the Georgia game because of a broken thumb. Tennessee has also had four straight losses in the SEC, and it is going into this Saturday with a freshman quarterback, Justin Worley. Coach Derek Dooley has decided to start Worley over Matt Simms. Both teams may be a little discombobulated this weekend, but South Carolina needs to win in order to stay at the top of the division, and Tennessee needs to win to prevent starting the season with five straight losses in the conference.

Saturday at 3:30 pm ET, the Georgia Bulldogs (4-1 SEC) will be taking on the Florida Gators (2-3 SEC) in one of the most loved rivalries of the SEC. This rivalry is so huge that it is played at the neutral site in Jacksonville and is sometimes referred to as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Georgia leads the rivalry, but Florida has dominated the last two decades, and this season Georgia Coach Mark Richt would love nothing more than to defeat the hated rival. A Florida defeat by Georgia would immediately gain Richt more favor as a coach, and it would also boost Georgia’s chances to win the SEC East. A win in this game for the Gators would be huge for new head coach Will Muschamp. In this rivalry the coach of the winning team can almost be guaranteed a spot as the head coach for at least another season; also, Muschamp would be able to get his Florida team back on its feet and headed in the right direction. It would also give Florida better standing in the race to win the SEC East.

The outcome of these two games will decide the fate, and give a much clearer outlook on who will win the SEC East. If Tennessee beats South Carolina and Georgia beats Florida, then it will most likely be the Bulldogs who come out on top, but if Florida wins it too could have a shot to win. However, if the Gamecocks win, their seat at the top is all but certain.


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Boise in the BCS Title?

We’re halfway through the season of college football, and the BCS National Championship game is on the minds of anyone halfway interested in college football. In a normal system, two teams that go undefeated would play in the championship, but the BCS is not a normal system. A perfect example of this scenario is the Boise State Broncos.

The Broncos have a very good chance of running the table the rest of the season and going undefeated. The remaining six games in Boise’s schedule are “easy” games, and consequently the remaining six teams to play Boise State are in the same conference. Needless to say, Boise is the best team in the Mountain West Conference. Even if Boise wins the remainder of its games and goes undefeated, it will most likely not play for a BCS national championship.

The reason that the Broncos will most likely not be contenders for the national championship is because they go undefeated in a very weak conference. The Mountain West is not known for above-average teams and top 25 ranked teams. The Mountain West is made up of teams like Air Force and UNLV. If Boise wants to prove it belongs in the national championship, it needs to play the Alabamas, LSUs and Oklahomas of college football. A one loss SEC team would most likely go to the championship over the Broncos simply because of the difficulty of its schedule.

If Boise wants to make it into the title game, it needs to win out the rest of their games, and hope that the other undefeated and one-loss teams will start losing games. That is Boise’s only shot. Do you think an undefeated Boise State team should play in the national championship over a one-loss SEC, PAC-12 or any other conference team?


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Gamecocks move on from Garcia

The South Carolina Gamecocks former quarterback Stephen Garcia was released from the team Tuesday. Garcia was dismissed after testing positive to a drug test this past Monday. After making it through five previous suspensions, one would think that Garcia would have learned his lesson and simply finished his career out peacefully as a Gamecock. The fifth-year senior has made it through some bumpy times at South Carolina, but coach Steve Spurrier has for some reason stuck by him the entire time.

Prior to Garcia’s suspension, he was throwing barely above a 50 percent completion percentage with nine interceptions. Through the 2008, 2009 and 2010 seasons his completion percentage was about the same with anywhere from eight to fourteen interceptions thrown. Now I  believe that Steve Spurrier is a fabulous coach, so why then would he leave in the same quarterback for four years who barely had above a 50 percent completion percentage and was constantly in trouble with drugs and drinking? I believe only Spurrier knows the answer to that, but for devoted Gamecock fans there is a new hope on the horizon.

Announced only a day after Garcia’s dismissal, Spurrier said that sophomore Connor Shaw will be the Gamecocks starting quarterback. Over the past few years, Gamecock fans have been frustrated with Garcia’s performance, and now they have a new quarterback behind center. Connor Shaw is throwing at about a 60 percent completion percentage with no interceptions. Last season Shaw was at a 69.7 percent completion percentage with no interceptions. Shaw will have an experienced Gamecock offensive line protecting him, and maybe brighter days are ahead for Spurrier and the Gamecock Nation.


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